Happy New Year!!!

Greetings my Chronic Pain friends!!!!

I hope each and every one of you had a fantastic Christmas or Hannukah and with lots of prayers, looking forward to a great 2017!

With the holidays I found myself stressed to the max for several reasons. First, we moved from the coast to the mountains of North Carolina. Most of you are probably sitting there with your mouth opened and “WHAT?” going through your head! Well, with my back problem and difficulty walking through the sand, it just wasn’t worth living at the beach if you can’t see or enjoy the beach. We tried going down two or three times and the longest we stayed at the beach was about an hour. Then came the long trek up through the sand to the parking lot. I felt like I was climbing a mountain!

We hashed over and over the fact that we should have gone to the beach for a mini-vacation before we moved to the beach. However, hindsight is 20/20 and that part of our lives is behind us now.

We moved to my brother-in-law’s home in Canton, NC. He and his wife are planning to sale this 4000 sq ft home that needs quite a bit of work before it goes on the market. Rick and I are living there and paying the electricity – no rent – but a monthly storage unit amount so it comes up to be around $440 per month. Still better than $1295, but we’re watching the thermometer because the first month was more than we anticipated. But that’s another story.

We got here on December 3rd and while unpacking (because we were told repeatedly it was “our house”) and moving our kitchen stuff into the kitchen and packing up their stuff, then we began decorating for Christmas. Needless to say, it’s been stressful and back-breaking endeavors.

Christmas day was quiet for Rick and me, but then Rich and family came up on the next evening and we enjoyed almost three days visiting with them. Our grandchildren are a treat and we had a blast with them AND their parents; but as you well know, after the adrenalin begins to wear off, the pain begins to creep forward.

By the time they left our backs were in terrible shape and it has taken several days to get ourselves back together again! Oh….the “our house” thing wasn’t really true, so we had to repack most of our stuff and unpack their things. I hope this is going to work, but I just don’t know. They aren’t actually living up here…only coming up about once a month…but it still makes a difference when you’re in your routine and the owners come in.

Rick asked me to at least give it six months so we could put money back and I’m hoping we’ll be able to stay longer if everything goes well. There’s a lot of cleaning, packing, and repairing to be done and the best advice we can give ourselves is to “pace ourselves.” The only thing is I don’t pace very well.

Not much of a blog with information for you, my reader, but just some info to let you know how our holidays panned out. Please let me know how things are going with you on my new Contact Page!!! Also, if any of you live in the Asheville area, please contact me! I’d love to start a Chronic Pain Group if there is interest!

Take care of yourselves and next week will be a more informative post!

Lots of love,