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A huge THANK YOU to all readers who have joined my blog site! Welcome! And I’ll try my best to have an original copy posted regularly!

Suffering from chronic pain, from ANY hidden or not hidden illness is a difficult journey today. The outrageous allegations by the CDC and FEA hinder our quality of life and put us in spiraling failures of finding pain relief. Because of these decisions, the suicide rate of patients who have been refused relief or had their dosages cut back is on the rise. In a matter of weeks or maybe even days, a new epidemic will form – Pain Sufferers Suicide Epidemic.

Please consider joining a Don’t Punish Pain rally in your area. The DPPs are scheduled for September 18th and if you join their Facebook page, you’ll find the organizer of rallies in your area. We are at war now…and we must fight.

I’ve suffered from Chronic Back Pain since I was 17 years old, but it has become a real nuisance for the last six years. My back pain levels have climbed and steadied due to a recent job I’ve accepted. As the ‘new normal’ of my life, I’m in a position where working is necessary to live in today’s society.

Giving up dancing, shopping, gardening, and housework hindered a healthy and active lifestyle. I walk with a cane slowly … especially if I concentrate on standing up straight. However, I get tired after thirty minutes of walking around in a store. I can’t sit, stand, or walk for more than 20-30 minutes without increased pain.

Regardless of the pain levels each of us faces we struggle with the few options open to us for relief. Depression and stress are on the uprise. And it’s going to take an army to fight for our rights to be treated as patients and not abusers. Join Don’t Punish Pain’s Facebook page. Raise your voice to your state legislators and senators through their email, phone, or slow mail. Send them your pain story. We have to make sure our voices are heard before more sanctions are allowed to hurt us.

Thanks for reading and hope your pain levels are LOW today!



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