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Photo by Glen Carrie on Unsplash

Day 40 of the world’s New Normal. I’m not even sure if that is the correct number. It may be lower. It may be higher. Regardless of the length of time since COVID-19 we can agree our lives have changed significantly since COVID-19.

Some of us have adapted well to this change. Some of us have died. And some of us believe this is hoax. I shake my head in disbelief.

In my job (I’m fortunate to work from home) I talk to people daily – regular folks like you and me. Some tell me bluntly their loved one died last week due to COVID-19. Others tell me quietly that their loved on passed this morning. Some walked into the ER and never walked out. Others contracted the disease from other people socially. And still others contracted the disease because they didn’t believe it was ‘real,’ and they didn’t wear a mask.

Healthcare professionals including doctors, nurses, physical therapists, and more have seen the horror up close and personal. They’ve worked non-stop helping people with this disease – subjecting themselves to the very real possiblity of contracting the disease themselves. But they put their health needs aside, to help others.And still people believe this is a hoax.

Photo by Mick Haupt on Unsplash

But, whether you believe it’s a hoax or not, the real truth is that our lives have changed due to COVID-19. Remember when we shopped the grocery store with everything at our fingertips? And when one item was not available? We complained to the manager. Now? We are happy to find any brand of our favorite foods and humbly ask when the next shipment of toilet paper is expected to arrive.

Lunch dates with friends, night dates with partners, play dates with neightborhood children are obsolete. Now? We come together as a family and cook at home, discover new recipes, and pull out old board/card games to teach our children.

Some are very creative in helping others. When they heard elderly neighbors were unable to go to the store, one couple began a neighborhood pantry. Food/paper products are placed on the wooden shelving unit made by the husband and using the same concept similar to neighborhood Book Lenders – Take what you need and give what you can. Landlords are waiving the monthly rent for their tenants in an effort to lighten the bills of those who are unemployed. Many people are still sewing masks for friends, family, healthcare professionals, and patients.

There is an abundance of ‘goodness’ in the world today…

Need proof?

Just Google “positive news during the pandemic.” There are pages and pages of articles, posts, and stories reflecting postive acts of kindness and GOOD NEWS! Take a moment and check out those sites. Sign up for daily positivity. Share the good news with others. And know in your heart, change is a comin … is here, and we are ready for it.

Remember: Wear your masks, Wash your hands, Cover your mouth when you cough, Practice Social Distancing!

Bless you and yours,