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Off by a few days!

Well, there goes my theory or my action plan to blog every single day for 30 days and turn it into a habit. Some weeks go by great and getting everything in the way you want to works out…other weeks turn into a crazy topsy-turvy mess and before you know it you’ve forgotten the write.

Still talking about Chronic Pain and that is the main reason I neglected my daily posts. My own chronic pain threw me a curve ball and I missed it. But this morning I’m feeling better and “on game” so I give you some more info regarding chronic pain.

I looked up chronic pain and came up with “chronic illness” at This article gives the history of the sickness and the rise of death in the early years. In developed countries, “epidemiological transition” was experienced and “a shift in the disease burden from high rates of death from acute, parasitic, infectious diseases, and short life expectancy to longer life expectancy and high rates of chronic diseases.

Modern scientific medicine was developed due to the use of antiseptic surgery, the development of accurate diagnostic technologies — all advances in medical science. The basis of medical practice and medical approach to dealing with disease came from the “germ theory of sickness.” Reducing infectious disease generated enthusiasm for a cure that would be found for all diseases. The focus of medical science  turned to the pursuit of “magic bullets” of medicine or drugs that would miraculously heal diseases.

The medical model of disease concludes there is a sharp and clear distinction between illness and health, based on the belief that sickness can be identified by diagnostic tests and proved by physicians. Acute, infectious diseases’ basis assumes diseases have specific causes and clearly distinguishing characteristics…they can be healed by medical therapies (Mishler 1981).

This report continues with the development with modern medicine and the rise of chronic illness. For just a taste of what this report is about, I’ve written the previous paragraphs for you. However, I’m hoping to have an article on here within the next few days that give detail to the onset of chronic illness up to today’s living with chronic illness.

Chronic pain can put you down in seconds and I believe that is what happened to me these last few days. Another factor of Chronic pain is lack of sleep. I would fall asleep while someone was talking to me and realized it was time for “rest!”

Share your experiences with pain and how you deal with the days of needed rest. Until next time, I hope your pain does not control you, but that you control your pain.




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