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Good Saturday Morning!

Today, here at the NC coast, we have a sunny cccccold day! Frost on the ground looks like snow, but it isn’t. Although there were plenty of predictions of snow in the last week, white flakes of happiness did not fall from the sky.

Starting today, I am going to write about a topic for 30 days and then change to a new topic. Not sure if there is 30 days of writing for each topic…but we’ll take our chances!

Chronic Pain. The topic for today gears toward the millions of Americans who wake up each morning in chronic pain which means they experienced:

1-  Stiffness and getting out of bed was difficult                                                                                      2-  Difficulty walking once they got out bed                                                                                              3-  rolling over and almost falling out of bed                                                                                            4-  pain gathering the items for to make coffee

There is couple who live across the street from us who are very nice and jovial. She always has a smile on her face and he has a mischievous grin – likes he’s thinking of a joke to play on somebody. They both walk with 2 canes each. He has had MS for many years and I’m not sure what her problems involve — I know they are in pain and walk slowly.

Yet, they proceed with their daily routines — nothing stops their goals for the day. And although they move slowly, they are determined to get from point A to point B. There is one difference between them and me…they know when to take a break. I tend to keep going until my back screams at me with excruciating pain and I finally stop what I am doing. But they know their limitations and work around them.

Chronic pain is difficult to explain to someone who has never experienced it. Some people may strain their backs and rest for a few days, then they are up and about doing what they did before. Or they may develop a muscle strain from overdoing an activity, take muscle relaxers and ibuprofen and within a week or two they are back to work. These are not cases of chronic pain.

Chronic pain is exactly as it sounds: chronic means: constant, continuing a long time or recurring frequently and most of know what pain means: a distressing sensation in a particular part of the body. When you put these two together you have a “constant distressing sensation in a particular part of the body.”

Some pain may be relieved with a trip to the chiropractor, acupuncture, or other holistic measures of treatment. I’ve tried everything from the chiropractor to physical therapy to bed rest to pain meds. It became such an ordeal with my back, I was home more days then I was at work. At that time I knew I was not able to work like I use to: pulling or pushing a cart of patient charts to the filing room to be filed (and some of these charts weighed 10 pounds!), sitting at the front desk for hours registering patients, and by mid-afternoon I was done for the day. I could barely walk, sit, or stand.

How many readers have experienced similar symptoms at the beginning of the onset of your chronic pain? I would love to hear your story and I’m sure others would be interested too. Until tomorrow…Carolyn




After training for copywriting, I am currently blogging for a living! So far working with a company that outsources for other companies and I've become the "preferred writer" for two companies!!! I'm very excited about having my own blog site and look forward to adding interesting info for you!

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