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Day 3 and still blogging!

Alrighty now! Day 3 and working toward making my morning routine of getting up at 5:ooam and writing a post a HABIT!!!

I hope everyone is either sleeping peacefully or having their first cup of coffee and getting ready for a brand new day. I’d make coffee but I don’t want the dogs to start whining and wake Rick up…plus I have a bottle of water to get through the next couple of hours.

Lots of curious things happened yesterday! I received a job offer from this gentleman with a list of expectations that almost choked me, much less a horse. (I believe he thought I was a novice and wouldn’t know what to charge for everything he asked for.) He “expected” a blog of 2400 words, a free report to go with the blog, and a press release. In between those expectations he expected me to know how to lead prospects through his website, write professionally and a couple of things I can’t remember – too early.

After going through the pricing guides, estimating the hours it would take for research and writing and I gave him my fee. Haven’t heard anything back and probably won’t. He appeared to be demanding in the post, but he’s probably a really nice man and knows what he wants and expects. The thing is he didn’t give me an email for me to contact him privately so I had to give him the fee on Linked In. Well, I learned one thing…I didn’t just say $500 because I eagerly wanted the job. I really thought it through and gave him the price according to the time it would take to write everything up.

I checked his website out and it appears legit…it’s a power drink of sorts for nutrition and losing or maintaining weight. Each picture showed a t gorgeous girl in tight work-out clothes showing what this product did for her. But I don’t remember seeing any guys in the ad???

Oh well, the first one may have gotten away, but I did work on other stuff yesterday – the Social Media Expert course for one. It was a waste of time because the first recording was selling the course, which I realized at the end of the first recording. But no, it wasn’t a waste – I realized there are a LOT of social media sites out there and he gave us 4 to sign up for. I’m already signed up on all of them but I’m going to sign up a new account with Facebook to promote my business as a writer.

With all that said, I went to bed early and getting up this morning was a cinch! On my way to my first “habit!” As I go through these 30 days I’ll share the way I feel when I get up and if it gets harder or easier to get in the office to write a post. Maybe something I share will help you work toward a habit you’ve been trying to start, but (like me) would shut off the alarm and go back to sleep.

That’s it for now fellow writers…I hope you have a great day of writing and where ever you are, I hope you are warm. It’s COLD here but suppose to be back around 65 next week which is PROPER beach weather!

Take care working toward your habit! Lots of positive energy being sent your way!



After training for copywriting, I am currently blogging for a living! So far working with a company that outsources for other companies and I've become the "preferred writer" for two companies!!! I'm very excited about having my own blog site and look forward to adding interesting info for you!

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